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Sanjeevany Chemicals empowers growers around the globe with microbial and botanical crop solution like plant food, biostimulant, natural fungicide, natural antibiotics and antiviral that meet the challenges of plant protection and sustainable agriculture in the 21st centure.

Sustainable & Effective Botanical and Microbial Solutions for Pest Management and Plant Health

At Sanjeevany Chemicals, we create products from microorganisms isolated from samples collected from unique niches and habitats such as flowers, insects, soil and composts. Our proprietary technology enables us to isolate and screen naturally occurring microorganisms and plant extracts to identify those that may have novel, effective and safe pest management or plant health promoting characteristics.


Some challenges farmers are facing that Botanical and Microbial Biopesticides can solve
Microbial and Botanical biopesticides are created using naturally derived ingredients. They are safe for flora and harmless to humans. Botanical biopesticides can greatly decrease the use of conventional pesticides and lower the chemical footprint, offering healthier, biological-based plant protection.

By using botanical and microbial biopesticides, which contain several naturally accrued molecules, the probability that crop pathogens can become resistant to the biopesticides is very low. For this reason, botanical biopesticides offer an attractive alternative to synthetic pesticides and an important tool in resistance management.

Because Botanical and Microbial pesticides are safe and non-toxic, they have shorter Pre-Harvest Intervals (PHI) limitations, and waiting times between application and harvest can range from zero to two days only.

Microbial and Botanical biopesticides are safe for workers and the environment. They help growers meet organic food standards and produce “residue-free” food. In addition, botanical biopesticides usually have no residues detections, thus increasing growers’ access to profitable export markets.

Microbial and Botanical biopesticides, used alone or in combination with conventional crop protection products, are effective against a broad spectrum of plant diseases. They improve efficacy and enhance yield. The combination of synthetic and biological pesticides reduces the ability of the diseases to develop resistance and prolongs the efficacy of the chemical active ingredient.

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