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Innovation, sustainability, passion for the Customer

Leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, for since years Sanjivany has been committed to offering innovative and effective solutions for plant nutrition and care, able to guarantee better crops both in terms of quality and quantity, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

With 12 subsidiaries throughout the world and a distribution network that covers countries, today Sanjivany can provide a global response to customers’ specific requirements. These new and ever-growing needs come within a context of ever scarcer and more precious resources.

Innovation, sustainability, passion for the Customer For this reason Sanjivany has set itself a challenge, to be able to bring development and wellbeing using fewer resources,i.e. producing greater and better quantities for the worldwide food requirement using less land, less water, and fewer technical means.

In order to achieve this, Sanjivany puts research and scientific innovation at the service of nature, in the knowledge that taking care of the future means working with respect for the environment and protecting the well-being of all.

Our vision is based on

Environmental sustainability Ensure better harvests in terms of quality and quantity, using less soil, less water, fewer technical means. Overcome the challenge of providing more food for the world’s needs by reducing the impact on the environment.

Centrality of the customer Understand the needs of our customers and help them get the most out of their crops, so that they meet the demands and expectations of the market and thus have a higher return on investment

Scientific innovation Create an ever-broader and diversified range of solutions that combine efficiency and efficacy, sustainability and productivity

Science at service of humankind through innovation and respect for Nature

For years Sanjivany has been developing with passion innovative and effective solutions for plant nutrition and care, while respecting both people and the environment. The increasing demand from the world’s population for food and well-being requires an effective response. Trusting in a return to nature is not a realistic alternative because it is not sufficient to meet the global needs. On the other hand, relying excessively on chemistry is not a sustainable choice for the environment in the long term.

Aware of this challenge, Sanjivany believes it is possible to find a third way: to meet the needs of humankind using fewer resources, thanks to a new Con -science, able to put Science at the service of man through innovation and respect for Nature.

This vision is supported by the following values: » honesty and integrity; » passion for the customer, products and our work; » responsibility to ourselves, » others and the environment; » cohesion and multiculturalism; » confidence in innovation.

Deep knowledge of active ingredients and raw materials

Our in-depth knowledge of the biological and chemical characteristics of the raw materials – responsibly selected in pristine environments – allows us to identify, characterize and preserve the specific active ingredients that can help you reach targeted physiological responses in plants.

Selection of the extraction methods of active ingredients For each raw material, and for each active ingredient,

Our researchers select and refine the most effective extraction process based on the desired solution. Only in this way it is possible to preserve the active components in plants. This is the real strength of our products.

Advanced Screening and investigation technologies

Our laboratories identify the process of physical, chemical and biological classification of the substances present in the extracts obtained from raw materials. We use genomics, phenomics, proteomics and metabolomics in order to decipher the genetic and molecular triggers and obtain specific physiological responses in plant systems. This helps us understand the way our products work. Thanks to our technology, we can analyze more than dozens of prototypes and hundreds of samples per experiment to map physiological responses in different environmental conditions.

Proven ability to provide effective solutions to the customer’s requirements

Perfect knowledge of functions related to the use of active ingredients extracted and characterised, and the ability to combine them, allows us to offer our customers the best solution for their needs. Our Marketing and R&D departments work very closely together because we believe it is essential to identify and offer to the market products with the best development potential.
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