Plant Food

Florigen is a liquid concentrate obtained through Sanjivany’s Proprietary, multi-stage technology. It aids crop production through improvement of photosynthetic activity, increased chlorophyll concentration in the tissue and increased nutrient uptake through the root system.

The genetic potential of a crop is rarely achieved due to abiotic stress such as heat, cold, drought and excessive UV radiation encountered during the growing season. Abiotic stress disrupts the metabolism of the plant and reduces nutrient absorption translocation. When nutrients are deficient during crucial stages of plant development, such as flowering, fruit set and fruit maturation, yields and crop quality can be dramatically reduced. Through its antioxidant activity.

Florigen reduces the impact of abiotic stress, leading to better yields and improved quality of crops.


  • Increased plant or crop yield.
  • Enable greater photosynthesis and plant metabolism.
  • Allow the production of bigger leaves, and bigger root system.
  • Increased cell growth in stems, leaves and roots.
  • Increased in fruit number, weight and size.
  • Increased flower size.
  • Improve establishment and growth of young plants produced from cutting, seed or plugs.
  • Used to help plants suffering nutrient and growth deficiencies.
  • Mixed with the fertilizers it can increase the utilization ratio of fertilizers.
  • Increases the preventable effects of germicides.


Foliar Application: 300 ml per acre. (150 lit of water )

Soil Application: 1 lit per Acre.


It can be mixed with most nutrient solution and pesticides. Nevertheless make a miscibility test before first application.

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