GROWER is a revolutionary 100% organic biofertilizer in a league of its own, comprising mixture of highly complex micro-organisms, environmentally friendly soil ameliorant and plant growth stimulant, with increased soil microbial balance properties: contains no growth hormones and no genetically modified organisms.


Microbial Inoculant 2.6 %

Nitrogen Fixing Microbes 2 * 108 CFU/g

Phosphate Solubilizing Microbes 2 * 108 CFU/g

Gram Positive Microbes 2 * 108 CFU/g

Mixture of Bacteria 2 * 108 CFU/g

Organic Matter (Derived from Kelp Extract and Molasses) 10 %

Total other Ingredients (Included Bacterial Food) 87.4 %


  • Microbes have a profound effect on transformation of Nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil. However, Nitrogen is not the only element microbes can effectively fix into the soil.
  • Microbes can solubilize Phosphorous and Iron among other elements.
  • They also play a very important role in decomposition of organic matter, enhancing enzyme synthesis and production of hormones within plants.
  • Improved seed germination and germination vigor.
  • Plant’s root systems typically more than double in size.
  • Plant’s improved resistance to root rot.
  • Plant’s increased ability to handle transplant shock.
  • Reduces the use of chemical fertilizer and optimize the use of plant nutrients.
  • Reduces watering requirements (benefits plant growth in drought conditions).
  • Achieves much larger crop yields (in several cases over 100%).
  • Improves crop quality, including raises sugar (Brix) content (potentially THC and CBD).
  • Increases the populations of soil beneficial microbes.
  • Soil and plant health optimized.
  • Increases profits per hectare.
  • GROWER is used in prevention of Silver Scruff, Black Curve, Black Dots, Fusarium Wilt, Verticillium wilt, Red Rot, Crown Rot, Sclerotium Rolfson etc.


500 gm per acre.
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