Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria 1 * 107cfu / gm

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria 1 * 107cfu / gm

Potash Solubilizing Bacteria 1 * 107cfu / gm

Total Viable Count 3 * 107cfu / gm

Other Ingredient Q.S

Total 100 %

Mode of Action

It is the free living nitrogen fixing aerobic bacterium. It released ammonia into the soil and improve soil fertility. Production of phyto hormones like IAA, Gibberillins and Cytokinins. and antifungal substance.

It is an associative micro aerophilic nitrogen fixer. This bacterium induce the plant food to secrete and mucilage which aerate low oxygen environment and helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen.

PSB converting insoluble phosphatic compounds such as rock phosphate, bone meal, and basic slag particularly the chemically fixed soil phosphorous into available form. Inorganic phosphorus is solubilized by action of organic and inorganic acids secreted by PSB and maintain the soil pH. KMB to mobilize potash available in soil of the plant activates the numerous enzymes system involved in formation of organic substances and protein compounds.


  • Increase utilization of atmospheric nitrogen & Solublization of unavailable form of phosphate.
  • Mobilize the fix and left potash in the soil & Increase 20-30% yield and quality of the produce.
  • It increase plant drought tolerance under drought condition.
  • Safe, non toxic to humans, plants, animals and environment.
  • Improve physical and chemical properties of soil with aeration and water retention.
  • Reduce disease infestation up to some extent.
  • Cost saving and reduce dosage per acre of nitrogenous, phosphorus and potash fertilizer.
  • Improve coloration, appearance and shelf life of perishable fruits & vegetables.

Application rate

100 gm powder dissolve in 10 lit of water and wait for 15 min. than add 200 lit of water & apply 1 acre land via foliar spray as well as soil application.


  • Do not mix with antibiotic.
  • Compatible with bio-femlizers and bio-pesticides when applied in the soil.
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