PROBAC is a revolutionary 100% organic bio fertilizer in a league of its own, comprising mixture of highly complex micro-organisms, environmentally friendly soil ameliorant and plant growth sfimulant, with increased soil microbial balance properfies: contains no growth hormones and no genetically modified organisms.


Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria 1 * 107cfu / gm

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria 1 * 107cfu / gm

Potash Solubilizing Bacteria 1 * 107cfu / gm

Total Viable Count 3 * 107cfu / gm

Other Ingredient Q.S

Total 100 %


  • Microbes have a profound effect on transformation of Nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil. However, Nitrogen is not the only element microbes can effectively fix into the soil.
  • Microbes can solubilize Phosphorous and Iron among other elements.
  • They also play a very important role in decomposition of organic matter, enhancing enzyme synthesis and production of hormones within plants.
  • Improved seed germination and germination vigour.
  • Plant’s root systems typically more than double in size.
  • Plant’s improved resistance to root rot.
  • Plant’s increased ability to handle transplant shock.
  • Reduces the use of chemical fertilizer and optimise the use of plant nutrients.
  • Reduces watering requirements (benefits plant growth in drought conditions).
  • Achieves much larger crop yields (in several cases over 100%).
  • Improves crop quality, including raises sugar content.
  • Increases the populations of soil beneficial microbes.
  • PROBAC is used in prevention of Silver Scruf, Black Curve, Black Dots, Fusarium Wilt, Verticillium wilt, Red Rot, Crown Rot, Sclerofium Rolfsii etc.

Application rate

100 gm powder dissolve in 10 lit of water and wait for 15 min. than add 200 lit of water & apply 1 acre land via foliar spray as well as soil application.


Store in a cool, dry place between 15’ C and 35° C and do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not apply with fungicides. Give sufficient interval between the applications.

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