Immunologist telling us not only that human can live healthier and more active by strengthening himself/ herself immune system, but also can plants. Plant immunity protein product Stigma can greatly increase the self life function of plants to prevent them from different kinds of disease, promote whole body growth of the plant, and even to resist pest attacks. As a result, by Stigma using the farmers will get better quality, more harvest and longer Shelf life for a big range of the agricultural products.


  • Stigma helps to increase crop yields.
  • Stigma can be sprayed after 10 days from plantation.
  • Stigma spray can be done every month.
  • If you want more flowering you can take spray before flowering.
  • After fruit setting Stigma spray can be taken to increase fruit size.


  • New Molecule in worldwide PGP market with amazing results on various crops.
  • Stigma acts on various metabolically important kinase domains.
  • These on activation give overall growth of plant controlled by dose.
  • Cost effective alternative to gibberellins, cytokines & other technical PGRs.
  • Water soluble hence can be used in any individual formulation. Highly effective & compatible to enhance your branded formulation.
  • Stigma is intended to accelerate the rate of growth & maturation of crops or plants without disturbing their natural physiological actions.


Foliar Application: 25 ml per acre. ( 150 lit of water )

Soil Application: 50 ml per Acre.


It can be mixed with most nutrient solution and pesticides. Nevertheless make a miscibility test before first application.
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