Zinc Solubilizing Microbes 5 * 107cfu / gm

Other Ingredient Q.S

Total 100 %

  • Beauveria Bassiana

  • Verficillium Lecanii

  • Metarhizium Anisopliae

Mode of Action

It is highly effective natural occurring microbes that parasites several insects of crops, it infects all stages of insect, including eggs, larvae, pupae, grubs, nymphs, hopper and adult. The spore attached to insect cuticle, germinate and penetrate into the insect body. The hyphae through enzymes action, proliferate insect body and cause mortality through a combination of chemical, mechanical, water loss and nutrition loss effects. The insect body ultimately gets covered with white mycelium and spores. Certain toxins are produced by this fungus and cause the mortality of insect.

Application rate

100 gm powder dissolve in 1 lit of water and wait for 15 min. and apply 1 acre land via foliar spray as well as soil application.


  • Do not mix with antibiotic.
  • Compatible with bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides when applied in the soil.
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